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Bird Dummy eggs

Bird Dummy eggs

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Birds Plastic Dummy Eggs

There are many different reasons to use dummy eggs. Some common reasons are:

-A dummy can be placed in a nesting area to encourage laying.

-Dummies can help discourage birds from eating eggs.

-Fake eggs can be used to test a broody hen. If the broody decides to suddenly stop sitting after two or three days on dummy eggs, you haven't lost any valuable eggs. If the broody remains setting, you can replace the dummies with real eggs at that point.

-Dummies can be used to time foster parents. Often this is done with pigeons and ringneck doves. If you do not want a foster bird or pair laying eggs during the time it takes for another pair to lay a clutch, you can set the foster bird/s on dummy eggs.

-You can use dummy eggs to time clutches to hatch out at the same time. This is commonly done with finches. Finches lay a large clutch. If you replace each egg with a dummy as it is laid, then replace all the dummies with the real eggs when the last egg of the clutch has been laid, the chicks will start incubating and hatch at the same time rather than being staggered.

-Laying eggs can be stressful on a bird and her health. If you want to stop egg production for whatever reason, dummy eggs can usually be successfully used for this purpose. Most birds lay a set number of eggs, or clutch, for example, a ringneck dove has a clutch size of two eggs. If you place two dummy eggs in the nest, or place one after the first egg is laid, you can sometimes stop egg production. I have heard of this not working for some birds however.

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