Keeping birds is not just a hobby; it is a commitment. A commitment to provide your pet birds the best environment, the best feed and the best life that you can. We have been breeding parrots for over two decades now and it was our commitment towards providing our parrots the best of everything that we went on and in 2005 founded birdsplanet.com, Pakistan’s first ever forum where bird fanciers from all over Pakistan came together to discuss, share and improve everything related to our feathered friends.

Aside from regular bird discussion, we introduced a “Birds for Sale” section in our forum. It was due to the fact that the bird shops here in Pakistan are operating in un-hygienic conditions that had caused a loss of birds to many of us fanciers in Pakistan. Birdsplanet.com gave bird-lovers a safe place where they could trade birds or post demands on birds required by them and could buy them from other fellow fanciers without fearing that the birds would be kept in un-hygienic conditions or are virus infected.

This store is yet another effort to improve the bird keeping hobby in Pakistan. With this store we aim to bring to Pakistan the products that have acclaimed international recognition in bird care and health. While all of us are aware that the basic bird feed is easily available in Pakistan but vitamins and feed supplements of good quality are not available easily. With birdsplanet.pk we are striving to provide bird lovers, products that they have always aspired to have which will ensure that their birds are receiving the vital vitamins, supplements and amino acids that are a must for any bird to live a healthy life.